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ÿþNike Air Jordanwas basket nike founded in 1984 by the fashion icon Michael Jordan. The company has come along way since then, it has manufactured a millions of sports shoes for theamateur of sports. Keeping into consideration the needs of diverse buyers, NAJalways pays a close attention in adopting the style version in the series ofsports sneakers and shoes. Durability of the material used in the shoes by thecompany is another add on- people like to have a pair of shoes for long term use.

If we talk about the performanceof the shoes, three words better describe it- excellence, perfection, andstrength. Today, NAJ sneakers are available on almost every retail store and evenin the local markets of the state; just pay a visit to any nike air force one store and have alook into a versatile range of NAJ sneakers- there is no end to the coloroptions. Not only this, you also a chance to choose from the thousands ofstyles, designs, and shapes.

While authentic ones are stitched in an nike pas cher almost perfect way.The last step is check the color ways of the shoes. you can find a list of all Air Jordan shoes Nike company has introduced on some websites like Then you can search for the styles, color schemes and any other details of genuine Nike shoes and make a comparison with the shoes you intend to buy.Blazer: In the early 1970s, Nike finally was ready to enter the basketball market.

AIR FORCE 1: Since Nike Air family entering into basket nike homme the market in the early 1980s, it was welcomed by the basketball players. With the first cushion basketball shoes launched by Nike Company, Air, Force I became a milestone in the basketball shoes movement. Under the background of the famous Dr. J jumping gymnastics, basketball game started its period of dynamic athletic performance. This was completely against with the early saying as the coaches, that the more his athletes jumps the more trouble they may cause.

It was the Air Force, its air cushion technology contribute to the big change. As a representative of the artistic basketball shoes in 1982, AFI changed its soles to a combination of the circle, and adopted the leather material as its uppers. The comfortable Velcro buckle on the ankle part was acted as the protection for the ankle. The new cushion led AFI a new change. After the nike chaussure introduction of this change, Nike created a new combination of the tradition basketball shoes and other types of sports shoes.

In the last weekend of the 1984 All-Star game, this sport became a separate event. Nike realized its shoes deficiency-the need for flying. Thus opened the prologue of DUNK. The innovation of this shoe is comparable with the following eight universities uniforms in the U.S: U of Kentucky, U of Michigan, U of Syracuse, U of Maryland, U of Iowa, U of Arizona, UNLV and Georgetown University.The usually speaking NCAA (American Immagine League Championship), full name of the National Committee Association America.
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